29 August 2012

end of summer 2012

 Oh, these two. Such joy.

 Favorite picture of them thus far.

Summer days are nearing an end. Normally I am so anxious for Autumn, but I've really loved this summer.

There have been some really hard and discouraging days, but there have been many days full of laughter, tickles, afternoon monsoons and otter pops outside.

This summer Jack truly evolved into a little boy. He says the funniest things and we aren't sure where he's even heard them.

Last night for example, he was jumping on the couch (which we don't let him do....often) and I asked him to stop, to which he said. "But Mom, I'm an angel. I flying!"

My heart nearly explodes with love when he asks to cuddle with him, scratch his back and sing a song to him. The talk of other friends sending their kids to preschool kind of stirs the reality that one day soon he'll be off to Kindergarten and gone will be our days of coloring, play dough and reading books over and over. 

He's also moved to his own big boy bed, which didn't take as much coaxing as I had thought. He totally loves it and has adapted well. It's also opened him to the idea of going on the potty and he's actually gone in it a few times. So excited for all the change.

Jack and Zoey are forming a bond that is so precious to watch. The way her eyes light up when she sees him and the way he loves to cuddle with her. Which translates as his-head-pushed-against-hers. She doesn't quite like it as much as she does.

They both love it so much when daddy comes home.

I wasn't kidding. He could do the face-cuddle all day long with his sis.

And Zoey is nearing the end of her sixth month of life. Six months. What?! She's started solids (but does not like them) and her torticollis is much, much better. She's such a gem and we are so thankful she's apart of our little bunch.

 Yesterday we drove to Costco and as we did we chatted the drive away. He has so much to say, so much to imagine. We pass a big pile of water (note: not a lake or pond here in Prescott. Just kind of a still body of water.) I once had told him orca whales were in there (my favorite animal) and since then every time we pass he says, "Orca whales in there, mommy?" and I have to remind him they only live in the ocean. But that doesn't matter to his two year old imagination. Love that. Later, I asked him if he would want another brother or sister. We don't have any immediate plans, but we do pray it will happen sometime in the future. He thought for a minute and then replied.

"Two Zoey's???" 

Sure, bud.

Sometimes the days are rough. Some days he's restless and misses his buddies and all he wants to do is something other than be here. I get that, I so get it. Today was one of those days. It was rough. Lots of crying, lots of hurt feelings, mostly over things that I had no control over.

"We go to Papa's house????" He'd ask every half hour or so. And every single time I told him not yet and he would burst into tears. He threw little pom pom balls all over the kitchen floor, which was a-ok until someone had to clean it up. He cried the entire time. 

Currently he has retreated to the backyard with a plate full of strawberries, grapes and graham crackers. I think we both need a little space.

This summer has flown and I can hardly believe next week we'll be in September. Oh, how I love September. I can't believe our little goose is almost three. Where has the time gone?

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Les is more said...

those monkeys! they are so cute and they get me really excited to grow our family.

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