09 October 2012


sweet zoeybird...

8 months you turned last monday. 
8 months you've been in our lives and for those 8 months, our world has changed forever.
i love the new.

you are so sweet, so gentle, yet i can already tell the way you push away when you're on my hip that as soon as you can crawl you will explore every single inch of this house. youve waited 8 months for that, after all. i hope you find adventure and live it deeply.

and i'll also accept the late night party sessions you seem to want to have...every night. around 2am, life calls your name and you live it up, girl. you eventually fall back asleep, often by the help of a cuddle or a quick nurse, but for that hour and a half, you think it's daytime. 
why is that, i wonder? we're sleeping, don't worry. you aren't missing much.

i love the way you let jack roll on you, cuddle with you, squeeze your arm, put your binky in your mouth, feed you water. because, truly kid. he loves you something fierce. he can't wait until you can play with him. sometimes i notice how he is aching for a playmate. every morning you are greeted by a precious 
"hi zoey! did you sleep good?"
or when you cry, he asks.
"you okay, zoey? you okay." 

you and him have something special. i can tell.

and thank you, little birdie, for finally liking baby food. i didn't mind finger feeding you all the solids you wanted, but it really helps me (and keeps your tummy full, and lets your daddy help) when you enjoy a yummy spoonful of fresh pumpkin.

i love you, my sweet girl. 
i love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile. the way you scrunch your nose when you're really excited. i love the way you snuggle into me only when someone you don't know really well comes up to talk to you. 

i'm so glad i had you.
i can't wait to get to know your person, your likes and dislikes. i can't wait to hear you and jack pretend together and go for adventures in his tree house.

get ready, love, Jesus has some special plans for you. i just know it.

oh, but please don't grow up too fast. take your time. i love watching you grow.

1 comment:

r.martin said...

Boy you two ladies are sure beautiful!!! I can not wait to meet you little girl!! SOON!!!

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