29 April 2005

Seamstress for the Band

Couple questions...

Very late last night I was watching Almost Famous (just my favourite parts, ie: the Tiny Dancer scene annnd pretty much the rest of the movie actually) Anyway, I have a question: When Penny Lane is leaving and she is getting on the plane, she hugs William and boards the plane and when she is sitting in the plane mimicking the flight attendant she suddenly gets a look of regret that covers her entire face. What was she thinking? What was this this crazy director trying to get across? Does she regret not staying with him? Obviously the poor kid is in love with her, but what is she thinking? I didn't get that. Also, at the very end, I loved the part where Anita comes home and the mom grabs her and tells her she forgives her and Anita replied "I didn't apologize." No joke, that happened to my mother and I the other day. ...and we just laughed like that too. I love it. Ok, what is your favourite part of this movie? Pick one, only one (and please don't everyone pick the Tiny Dancer part.) because its good, but there are better parts.

Another question, if the kid had found Penny in the one of the taxis what would he have said?
My favourite part?
Or something like that. Maybe even this:
Oye vey, I really gotta finish this homework.

Only Seven more school days! Hallelujah!


Spiro said...

"11! 11! ...This explains SO much."

I read this online when Bonnie was working when I was out at the place where God speaks:

Penny Lane asks William if he'd like to go to Morocco with her. He
says, "Yes... ask me again." According to director Crowe, "ask me again" was Patrick Fugit stepping out of character and asking 'Kate Hudson' to repeat her lines for another take. But Crowe liked the take as-is and kept it in the final cut.

I couldn't believe that. I love that part of the movie.

"It's the German one, It's the German one..." (I swear Penny Lane says that at some point...)

Here's the whopper. Has anyone checked out the director's cut version of the movie?? because I suggest you do... Bonnie que'd up a little scene for me when I was out there. Of course, this is a professional description of it...

In the Stairway to Heaven deleted scene, a pivotal moment lands on the editing room floor. William and some of his supporters from high school -- a friend and a couple of his teachers -- ambush his mother, exhorting her to allow William to go on tour with Stillwater. It is William's last-ditch effort to convince his mother that there is thought and poetry in rock music rather than merely "drugs and promiscuous sex." (Instructions appear for cueing up your own copy of Led Zeppelin's epic fantasy because the filmmakers didn't get the
rights to it). You can then spend the next several minutes watching a
group of actors sit in an exact replica of Cameron Crowe's childhood living room listening to Stairway to Heaven in its entirety. Everyone anxiously scans Elaine's face, hoping she'll finally give in and allow her son to fulfill his destiny as brilliant rock writer.

Now what this description doesn't explain is that they start playing air drums and get so involved with the music--- that I could have sworn they had first seen us up in the Sport Hall lounge doing some TD...

melanie said...

Oh Spi, I love you. I love what you put, and I love TD in the Sports Hall Lounge :)

the tapered pant said...

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world, are the things you share with someone else who's uncool" -Lester Bangs

kids, I've got soo much more to say about our good friend Lester Bangs...I"m just going to have to go check out my copy of the DIRECTORS CUT (for real guys you need to pick it up) and let you know later on

squaresthesecond said...

I love anything Lester Bangs says...but my real favorite part of the movie, I think, is when the one chick is running a long with the bus, shouting at the kid, telling him his mother "knows what's going on" then something about meeting them in Topeka, and then she runs into the wall.

On the director's cut, I love the radio interview! It's so funny.

(It's been nearly two years since I've watched this movie. Before that, I think I watched it once a month for months!)

This Is My Story said...

You've made me really want to watch that movie!

And your new photo is so gorgeous! :-)

the tapered pant said...

Anita: "FECK YOU"

William's Mom: "Well, your sister used the f-word"

Young William: "I think she said 'feck'"

William's mom: "What's the difference?"

Young William: "The letter U." (you really need the hand gestures demonstrated)

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