22 April 2005

"Dil, dil, Pakistan!" (Love, love, Pakistan) haha.

me and grace
...these two pictures are ones that my dear friend Joel sent me.

-That's Joel and I in the first picture. He is a dear friend from Pakistan. He is absolutely hilarious! This was also the last day of Bible school and Grace and I had dressed up in her African dresses. It was craaaazzzyy.
-The bottom one is Grace and I in Liverpool doing a "model pose". She will be a model someday and I...well, I just am entertained by how white I look and how dark she looks. It's like night and day. But that was in the "China Town" section of Liverpool. We got so excited and anxious to eat Chinese food and see the different things but it was just a dead end...a funny disapointment.
-However, this was also the day that I was traveling with two people who work by African/Pakistani time in which it is not disrespectful to be late. We were an HOUR AND A HALF late to the bus. We were so lost and none of us knew directions. We had gone all over Liverpool and ended up asking for directions countless times (though I always had to be the one to ask and explain which I am no good at) and we ran and ran and guess who got scolded by our American superviser? That's right, me. It was funny and I wouldn't have been on time for anything in the world. Cheers folks, I have to do homework!


Anonymous said...

Melanie darling,

i watched a movie the other day that i know you'd really love to see.
it's called "walk on water" and it's set in Israel and Berlin and goes between the two. it shows the most beautiful parts of Israel (they even bathe in the Dead sea and it's gorgeous) IT's about the relationship between a german who's grandfather was in the Nazi army and wiped out a large part of the Jewish community in germany, and this Jewish Israeli man who has been against Germans who killed his people for his whole life. the languages spoken are german, hebrew, and english.
It's a beautiful and interesting movie. i thought of you and spiro when i saw it. one of the characters even works on a kibbutz.

try to see it if you can, or look it up on the internet.
well i love you.
tiny dancer just came on the radio.

love kristina

thekate said...

hello wonderful you!
great pictures. You look so beautiful and so darn wholesome in the African dress :-)... what a day that must have been. it's good to finally see the famous Joel.

I'm praying for you. Can I put in words how grateful I am for you? No. Impossible.

we're in Him. and He has a plan. And it has less to do with us and our strivings than we think. Our Abba showed me that today.

I love you.

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