19 April 2005

"Less like breakdown, more like surrender."

Last night I talked to Spiro.
I said: "Why can't we just be with the people that we enjoy being with?'
She said: "Because, DUDE, that's what heaven will be like."

Daniel 9:18
Here's a small blast from the past:
Germany/Heidelberg sunset
The German sunset.
Heidelberg, Germany
Check out that bridge.
Two favourite Ukrainians
My two favourite Ukrainians: Irina and Andrey aka ира и апре.
mel and grace, either singing or laughing
Grace and I either singing or laughing...I think we were doing both.
on the way to bonn with susan
Susan and I on the train going to Bonn
Susan on the way to Bonn
My dear Susan. This was the tenth day we were together :)

....My thought of the moment? The reality that often times...love hurts. Not stinks as it has been referenced before, but sometimes, love hurts and just because of that, it doesn't mean you don't love them or they don't love you; it just hurts for a while.


This Is My Story said...

These pictures are so cool! :-)

susan said...

...'and there is his boat and his car and his house and his train and his island and his servants and his school and his horse and his satalite dish and his river and his extended family from his mothers aunts side and his mountain and his firetruck and his 600 year old tree...' I think everything we saw on that train to Bonn was owned by him. Do you remember that? :)
but then we got there, late, and walked around town a little but couldnt afford to stay anywhere but his house, and then we had to call, and after we called i cried while you sang some songs to get your mind off it on the steps of the train station, and then they came, with a pizza, and his brother used a cd to cut it, and we apologized a billion times... and just looked at eachother in the back of that station-wagon car with our matching backpacks...and seriously Mel I could not believe what we had done... :)

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