28 April 2005

Strings that tie to you...

Maybe some of you hoolagins wonder why I keep posting pictures and why I don't just "get over it already." Right, right, sit down and shut up. As John says: "Would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewlery." and just sit back while I take ya'll down a little tour of what I like to call, strings. They're attached to me, and they happen to be the only digital pictures I have on the computer (though I have a lot of them) so, here's a few more random ones.

This is Kristina. She was one of my very first friends, a dear, dear friend who I treasure greatly. She's one of the most talented people I know and listens...so well. I miss her. (Deep sigh of reflection) However, the sweatshirt she is wearing is one that was passed back and forth between us and it is my absolute favourite piece of clothing. My dream is to own one someday. Or maybe just that one. I miss it.
This is a picture of a memory I thought I would want to forget. The smallness of England, but looking at it warms my very heart strings.
This was my traveling team. and I miss them immensly. I haven't heard from Jordan (the guy to my left) since I got home and Susan I talked to a few weeks ago but we had an amazing, learning trip together and I wouldn't trade those ten days for anything in the world. This was our pre-trip picture when we were just in the pre-stages of planning (or lack there of.) i miss 'em.
This is Michael from Poland. He and I knew each other a little but a group of us were in the tower at school and I looked at the setting and he was telling me something about his life and I said "hold it, let's take a picture." and so we did, posed and all. Side note:please disregard my Jewish nose. Ha.
Oh my Sprio. I miss her. Yes, the background is real, yes the setting sun on our faces is real. Yes, it was incredible, but it was very windy that day. Spiro and Kristina had been taking all the school photographs for our yearbook and this was in the aftermath of it all. She makes my cup runneth over.
me and spi
This is Katha my dear, dear German friend. I don't talk to her real often either but she and I went through a whole lot. I watched her grow from a shy German who sat with her digital dictionary into an outgoing German/Americanized woman who said what she thought when she thought it and lived for the next moment and what it would bring. She was awesome.
Ok, there's my quick-trip down memory lane. Thanks for watching. And remember, "I got it, I got it. Last words: I dig music." (fat tubby guy claps unaprovingly)

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