11 May 2005

"Oh I feel like dancin'!"


It's over! Done and DONE! School is finally over and this picture decribes what I would most like to do this evening. Instead, I will watch a movie that will pwobably change my life.
No, not Garden State.

"One day, you'll be cool."

Today I heard from the lady in England who works with the ministry that I will be going to in the Ukraine. The Lord is GOOD and merciful. Amen? Amen! He's paving the way.

Side note: This movie is incredible. Some like it. most don't, but my dear pals and I (Rachel, Soteria and Mindy) loved this movie. We saw it for the first time when Rachel was in New Zealand for six months and after seeing it the book was passed around and we even had our own little Ya-Ya-esque meeting. Someday Rach, SOMEDAY we WILL dance like this in our living room. I promise.


Jacob's Rachel said...

Oh Mel....It was so wonderful to talk to you last night...you know how much good it does my heart!! And then to see this on your blogg this morning...its already made my day start great! I believe we will dance like that someday in our living room with our kids! ALL 4 of us hu? Well maybe thats hoping for to much.....Anyway hey im having a sleep over at my house tomarow night...some of the girls are coming over and we will eat stake and watch Stand By Me...so you wanna come??...Any time you want...OK friend, you are the best and dont let "THE MAN AND (WOMAN) GET YOU DOWN!" (you know of whom I speak) You are grown-up and your own person...your not in high school and your not in trouble and you are 20 years old...be free do what Jesus wants!!! Ok "I'll see you later" "Not if I see you first" "Gime some skin!" Nicie

This Is My Story said...

That looks so fun! :-)

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