26 May 2005

"Change can be so constant, you don't even feel the difference until there is one."

"What you think you know has nothing to do with reality."

"The truth doesn't set us free, all it does is remind us that love isn't enough."

I do believe this is in California where he is jumping, not Washington, but close enough :)

For those of you that haven't seen it (Kristina, it reminded me a lot of your style) go and see Life as A House.

It's a much more decent Hayden Christensen movie then Star Wars. (No offense to any treckies.) :) Oh wait, that's Star Treck! Just kidding, really, I know what I'm talking about. I know my Star Wars and Star Treck (the a little less on the Star Treck)

Guys. Life is good. God's grace is new every morning and throughout these last few weeks it's leaked through an awful lot.

I have begun writing again! I know, for some it may seem silly or whatever, but to me, it's nearly an epiphany! (is that how to spell it?!) It's like this drape has been lifted and I can dream without drowning and I can think without getting indulged in it. It's incredible. I'm writing with my dear friend Marla, who I knew in high school, and she is teaching me so much. I am learning how to write what I know (something that, let's face it, I always had a hard time doing :) But really, it's been incredible.

Other side news, I am going to Washington for a week this summer. To get away from this WICKED heat (it was 103 today!) (that's Arizona.) someone said. Ha. So I will be going there and Lord willing getting a chance to spend a day or so with Spiro, Kristina, and whoever else wants to join.

Remember, life is good. And remember to chill out, and just take it easy.


Karen Ruth said...

Mel, you don't know how happy I am when you post a new entry. I know that seems silly, but I love to see how you're doing since we are far away. Plus, you always seem to say something that I've been needing to hear. Thank you!

Kristina said...

melanie love,

it's a joy to hear that you are writing again.
i miss those days of comparing notes as we observed people in the lounge. remember?
when i look back in my journal, all i can think of is you.
you are brilliant with words.
will you send me some of your writing?
the time we spend together soon will be so sweet. i can't wait to see you.


squaresthesecond said...

You amaze me

Spiro said...

and how I look forward to it... call me sometime ok?

Spiro said...

actaully, call me anytime

the tapered pant said...

so when are you going to be in Washington?

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