03 February 2005

"wasting my time in the waiting line..."

...today i saw snow. obviously, not falling white flakes that surround you so much you cant see the car in front of you, but it was cold and there was snow on the ground.

...interesting enough, today i made a small discovery. my sister started crying before we went to Flagstaff (about three hours away) because she thought my mother had called her fat. Now. this is interesting to me, because i want to know who put this filthy idea into her small mind! its sad that our culture, our country, has gotten to the point where a growing 12 year old starts to sob because she thinks she is fat (she is also quite dramatic.) and yet i didnt know how to help her, i didnt know what to say or how to make it better. not only because its rubbish but because when i was 12 my biggest fear was that i was growing up faster then my best friend (who was 11. you understand.) where did this media come from that brainwashed my little sister into thinking she's fat? or rather how dare satan get so near to her to bring her tears. this part of me was infuriated. is it the media? america? or just life?

...on a lighter note, please, if you get a chance...my brother has this small tiddy of a band and they sound great. so if you a get chance, check them out.


....i end with this:

"If loving people is a bit of heaven, then certainly isolation is a bit of hell, and to that degree, here on earth, we decide which state we would like to live."

anyone agree?

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thekate said...

You're right, it's frightening how the media has gotten so deep under the skin of young girls in western culture that no amount of reassurance or lectures from even the most trusted adults can break through.

They've grabbed girls emotions, imprisoned them where they're most vulnerable--that desire to be loved. And until a girl grasps that that desire IS met by the only One with the True perspective on beauty, she just keeps wishing, keeps living in fear that she may be over that line that divides the loveable from the dismissable. Yet that line's only been placed there to sell makeup and garments by making women feel they need to catch up. It works.

I think moms and sisters and everyone else needs to see how powerful it is and do their best to be honest with the young girls they know, to get them to see the deception...I'm glad your sister has you.

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