03 February 2005

"Oh, I'm not here with these fellas. I've got a pig in competition over at the livestock pavilion, and I am going to win that blue ribbon!"

"hey, wasn't that our fan?"

everyday i cut through the parking lot of a recording studio to get home from work. two days ago i entered the parking lot, semi guarded by a huge, gigantic metal fence that they close at night. i drove up to see a group of young guys, sporting different trendy looks; the fo-hawk, the tight pants, the no-shower-for-weeks look and a couple sort of odd guys (perhaps the drummer or back up singer.) they were playing, of course, hacky sack in the parking lot. i slowed down when i drove up, rolling down my window. they dispersed into small pods scattered around my car.

"hey guys. are you recording in there?" i motioned towards the building.

"yeah, we're in the process of cutting a new single..have you heard of us?"

they spit out a name i've never heard in my life.

"yeah, you guys are great! i can't wait to get your single!" i tried to refrain from the ever present laughter that hit the back of my throat and the pit of my stomach.

"single? i'm single."

"what about you?" i pointed to the other.

"he's married." the one i had been talking to the entire time chipped in quickly without turning in the direction of my finger.

"great." i rolled up my window and continued driving.

i couldn't stop laughing as i entered the highway towards home thinking of the "hot-shot" musicians that i had just encountered.

i bet you are saying now,
are you serious?

no. but it would be pretty funny, huh? everything is true except the conversation...i just kept driving, thinking to myself how much fun these guys had to be having.

i end with this:

"Are you crazy? A man in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio! Gimme a pen, I'm signin'! You're signin'! We're all signin'!"

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Pureblood Prince said...

Hey, this is Thomas Carr. I don;t know if you rmember me at all, but i knew you through griff and Doug and Caleb and that gang. Anyways, i am glad to see you too are part of the blogosphere all the way in whatever country you are in. I'm not trying to pressure you to visit my blog because i know how time consuming all these people get, but i noticed you had been posting on Sam, Doug, and Abe's so i thought i'd throw a shout out. On a side note, hacky sack rocks my face off.

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