21 February 2005

Strange Things Are Happening

okay. tonight at 1:33 am i decided what i am going to do with the rest of my life:

first of all, stop going to school because it is a capitol B for boring and i am sick of it. so that's over with.
secondly, tell my parents that i will not "divorce" them as some do, but make sure they are taken care of for the rest of their lives.
thirdly, call mel or stephan or someone and let them know the secret is out and i am ready for work. i know, some of you are surprised (especially you rachel. please dont sell those music videos on ebay. thank you.) but its true. i'm movin' to hollywood! anyone with me?
its a good life goal, i think, and i won't be like those other actors...i promise. i will stay normal and keep my house here (i need to buy one first) and then the one in california...my apartment in London and Manhattan...now i am just getting carried away..
its so late, this reminds me of earlier today when i kept watching certain parts from Dumb and Dumber and my father could not believe the fact that i found it so hilarious. it just is:
"Goodbye my love---"

goodnight everyone. sleep well.
(i hope everyone can take sarcasm. this is not boy humor. ok rachel?)

1 comment:

Jacob's Rachel said...

Martha my dear I am all for you and behind you to fallow your dreams...although this is a 1:30 in the morning revilation and in the light of day you may well find that you have changed your mind once again...I the ever ready and loyal best friend will stand by you and I will see everyone of your movie's even if they are complete crap. And when you have finaly made it and started your own production company you will send for me and we will become like Baz and his team...we will make wild theatrics and specticals...we will finaly get the River movie made and also the Grace one...It will be amazing and all the while we will be winning that liberal infested Hollywood for JESUS!! Right? RIGHT!!! "Blue jean baby L.A. lady...you married a music man, pretty eye's pirate smile...lookin on she sings her song, the words she know's but the tune she humms"....this will be you one day ....Go for it!! As long as it's what Jesus wants (sorry to add that slice of reality, it must be done however)

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