24 February 2005


Often times I love to use analogies to illustrate my emotions at a present time. Today, an experience happened that painted just that:

I was at work and a young two year old was moody and restless. Her disposition that day had been awful and for the first time since I had met Emi, she refused to obey me. Even when I had to pry the Bubble blower out of her hands, she refused to ease her will of getting what she wanted and when she wanted it. However, at 4:00 when her father arrived she was in the same mood and only wanted to see him. Her older sister, Lea took her to the playground to play on the swings but she just wanted her father. Their family speaks in Hebrew and all of the sudden I look over and her stance was sturdy, her head thrown back and she screamed in Hebrew.

"Abba! Abba!" Louder and louder after each name calling. I hear her father respond with something in Hebrew and she begins to cry. She wants her Abba. She wants to feel his presence, to know that he's there, to be greeted by him and hugged and loved by him so that she can return the same affection. She wanted to go home with him and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with him.

Sometimes, all we can do is stand in the desert and say, with our arms spread around us. "Abba!" and before we even say His name, He is there to reflect upon us His grace and love. Hallelujah.

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Karen Ruth said...

That was a beautiful analogy Mel...you're such an amazing writer!

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