08 February 2011



The weekend came to an end too quickly (been saying that since about 7th grade) and another week has begun. The retreat was insightful, inspiring, and relaxing. It wasn't much of what I had expected, but is life ever? I did get a bit of reading in, slept by myself, and managed somehow to not really think about naps, diapers or binkies. When I got this picture in the morning, my heart melted with love. These two faces bring such joy. Jack is such a mini-John. I love it.

The speaker talked a lot about resting and pressing pause on the busyness of life. Sometimes I feel like I need to press play a little more and get my rear in gear. No, but seriously, I was reminded once again how each one of us is different and that's what partly why life is as adventurous as it is. If we were all the same type of person, where would the dynamics flow from? I'm thankful for every ounce of dream-goals I have, but also so thankful for the days when it's just about being still with Jesus, enjoying the little things and embracing the moment. And perhaps a good song and/or movie.

I'm thankful for my little family and the mountains to return home to. I'm so thankful for time spent away and stories of life in others countries. But it's good to be home and man, it was incredible to stop at Sprinkles (for a friend) and Yogurtland (for me) two things we don't have up here in our 1990's-esque city.


After a late drive home on Saturday evening and after Sunday morning church, John and I braved the trek down the mountain once again to go to my parent's to watch the Superbowl. It's always been a sort of holiday for us. My dad enjoys the game, sleeps through halftime and we eat way too much queso. That being said, it was worth the trip and the chicken sandwiches were delicious.  

Jack, obviously, was very into the game. He kept us entertained with his other cousins. He is cracking me up lately and full of personality. Today I was having a playdate (at this age, they should probably rename them mommy-dates) and we were envisioning the future and when all our kiddos start talking. Oh, man. It will take playdate to a whole new level, I think. Or we'll just send them outside to play. 

My sister and her boyfriend Caleb. We were really into the game, if you can tell.

John was actually watching the game. Jack and I were all fun and games.


On Monday my mom and sister played hooky and we went out to breakfast for my birthday (which isn't until tomorrow.) It was delightful. We went to our personal fav, La Grande Orange and ate a delicious and healthy breakfast while Jack played with his trucks.

and then Jack got tired. Like really sleepy.

My mom and sister. Are they not beautiful? Seriously. Maggie's eyes are magic!

A mom and her daughters

So, we returned to Prescott yesterday and all is well. Spring is around the corner and the cold weather has left us for now.

"So why do I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need
You know what I need

Your love is strong."

jon foreman "your love is strong."

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Carletta said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all!
Lovely family!

love and life ♥ said...

Awww such great photos...and cute ones too!! You are so beautiful & you have such a beautiful family! I hope you're having a fantastic week! xoxo

Renegades said...

Looks like a very nice time and what a priceless photo of the three of you.

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope today was great.

(Love the picture with him against the glass and you with your mom and sister. What pretty ladies!)

Hearts Surrendered to our Awesome God said...

Great shots, love the ones against the glass! Sounds like a lovely time. :)

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