15 February 2011

celebrate peek a boo

Jack playing peek-a-boo

This picture makes me so happy.
Jackboy has a new obsession with chairs and must sit on them whenever possible. He spends most of his day climbing on and off chairs, figuring out how to carry his toys onto the chairs, running his cars off of the side of the table, sliding off of chairs, climbing onto tables (NOT okay, I inform him) and pound anything against the table. I'm not sure where he came from, but when I see him across the table it's like he's a little boy. No longer a baby, but a boy. 

When I rock him at night I hold him a while after he's fallen asleep, just because he looks so precious. And still. (Did I mention he moves a lot during the day?) This era of littleness will not last forever and I can't believe how fast it's already gone. 

This was him last April. I can hardly believe how much he's changed and the person he's developed into. Can't wait to see more!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Not my favorite holiday, not gonna lie. But fun just the same. We celebrated by eating delicious donuts, shared some writing and ate salmon, asparagus and cheesy mash potatoes for dinner. Dinner with a kiddo has changed dinner permanently. That's okay. Jack ate noodles and refused salmon OR mash potatoes. (What?!)

My man was a gem and cleaned all the dishes for me while I laid on the couch. (THE best valentine's day gift EVER.) We watched Parks and Rec, had some good laughs and I fell asleep by 9.

I'm tellin' you, people, V-Day is not my fav. 
Thankfully it's not John's either.

We simply celebrated each other and the little family we have. 
Day well spent.

We awoke this morning singing this song around our home all morn.

Sweet Shot Day


Rebecca said...

He is adorable.

love and life ♥ said...

He is the absolutely most precious little boy! Awwww, great shots! xo

Anna K. said...

So cute! Our youngest is at the chair fascination stage, too...he's given us some scares, lately.

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley Sisk said...

Peek a boo will never get old! Love the first shot.

Marla said...

What a precious shot. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh my. that is the most adorablest peekaboo EVER.

Danelle said...

LOVE the peek-a-boo! What a great capture.

Nessa said...

any day to celebrate family is a good day... hearts or not!

kbreints said...

What a darling little guy!

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