04 February 2011


Today marks a first for me.

for other you capture's check out beth's blog

Tonight, for the first time in 15 months, I'm going away for the night all by myself. Mind you, I've traveled far alone, but this is the first time in a year that I've spent the night without Jack. When I read that it stills shocks me and it's a little...sad? I love him and being a mama, but I didn't think it would take me this long to get away. It's flown so quickly I don't think I've had much of a chance to even think of a getaway. He sleeps soundly through the night, but it isn't long before 8am hits and my mind begins to swim with the groundhog day-way. Diaper change, drink of water, play for about 2.5 minutes then ready to eat; banana, oatmeal, cinnamon raisin bread. Then, you can guess what comes next. Lovely.

I am a woman who loves her routine, but it will be nice to have a break from the routine (even if it is just for a day. )I'm going to a women's retreat in Phoenix and getting ready to embrace the quiet moments where I can really sit and think and pray and meet with Jesus.

What to expect: a lot of reading, writing, thinking, talking, sharing and worrying about nothing to do with bedtimes, sippy cups, meals, dirty diapers or binkys. I know I'll miss my guys like nobodies buisness, but goodness. 15 months without flyin' solo? Get ready, world. I am about to embrace all that I've been missing. Or not.

This last week has been kind of hard for me with Jack being sick. I thought I was nurturing, but turns out John (once again) is kind of the winner. He is so sweet and patient with a fussy/ear infected boy. I try to be as well, but it gets tricky to that all else that being a mama calls for. John is incredible and the best partner for me. We are a great tag team and he's going to rock flyin' solo with Jack. His first overnight ever. I guess it's a series of firsts for the whole fam today.

Here's another Andy recommendation. Another personal fav.


thankful thursdays (a day late)

1. so thankful for God's perfect timing and grace.
2. for my cousin in Egypt and that she is well and safe.
3. the cold weather this week.
4. my man who installed a thermostat so our heating bill doesn't get any higher.
5. a little guy who sleeps well even when he has an ear ache. so thankful. it gives me strength for the next day.
6. this candy coming back out thanks to v-day
7. an older pastor's wife mentor who has buckets of experience and a heart full of wisdom.
8. this retreat with a dear friend and sisters in Christ.
9. so thankful for the moments with jack when he wants to just sit and read on my lap. i know they are passing too quickly.
10. great friends who watch jack so i can have an hour to look through goodwill. and find 3 really cute shirts for 5 dollars. thank you!


Nessa said...

Enjoy your time away... I am right there with you on not having a night away. I hope those aren't your reading selections!

Rebecca said...

Have fun. Enjoy your momma time!

kbreints said...

So happy for you. it is only a day-- but I hope that it is a wonderfully relaxing and wonderful time. a day is usually all I need to miss my boys and really appreciate the mundane again!

Sharelle said...

I've always loved that Peter Gabriel song.

Ever since Richard Gere came up the escalator to it, in "Shall We Dance?".

I love reading about your day-to-days my friend. Keep it up.

Candra Georgi said...

thanks for participating---and i'm so glad you go to have "me" time ; )

Elena said...

I'm glad you're getting a little break! I'm sure you need it. :) Also, I love the fact that you make weekly lists of things you're thankful for... definitely an attitude I'm working on cultivating.

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