10 February 2011

embracing twenty six

my man is a gem. he knows me well.

Yesterday I turned twenty six years old. I still feel like I'm twelve half of the time, but twenty six feels...more realistic. After having a baby I kind of felt like I would somehow have to be morphed into an older woman/mother figure. 

I felt that morph for the first few weeks of Jack's life (what with all this slightly unknown responsibility and everything) but tried to regain a bit of that youthful feeling before it slipped away forever. It returned (after the post pardon blues) and brought with it good friends, great food and a time to get into the Word. 

That being said, I feel ready to embrace 26. Anything over 25 has always been a bit daunting. I'd be lying if I didn't say that when I was a kid I was convinced I would have four kids by the time I was 22. (Hey, 22 is kind of old when you're 11.) But truly, 26 is good. It feels right and I'm not so afraid of getting old as long as I have others around me to keep me feeling young. Being married to a pastor I sometimes feel kind of young. I love it. I embrace it. But, being over 25 is kind of a big deal for me. I'm almost 30, ya'll. Seriously.

This is winter here. February brings my birthday. The weather is in the low 60's and cold seems a thing of the past. Please send snow.

This week I'm so, so very thankful to Jesus for things that keep me feelin' young. 

1. An unplanned dance party after Bible Study. 10:30 with babies at home and too much chocolate, oh so fun.
2. A new CD from my man full of light hearted songs that make me swoon like when I was 16.
3. Going out to dinner and being so giddy that our waitress gave us a free appetizer. It was like we were dating again. We had so much to talk about (we need to get out more, I think.)
4. Enjoying a donut on the morning of my birthday. Not even thinking about how bad it kind of is for me.
5. Dancing with Jack any time of the day and turning up the music real loud.
6. Going into my sister's room after John and Jack were asleep to talk and ask her if she had any clothes she was looking to get rid of.
7. Going on a retreat alone and feeling very familiar feelings of being independent. It's been a while.
8. Sharing stories with a new friend of times in the past.
9. Early mornings with Jesus like we used to. It's been tricky to get back into a routine with Jack, but what a difference it makes.
10. Sharing Life cereal with Jack for the first time in his life. He love sit. He should, I ate it almost every, single day (and night) when I was pregnant with him.



Nessa said...

what a lovely birthday spread! Glad it was a good one!

love and life ♥ said...

Awww, Happy Birthday! Your man is such a sweetheart! xo

Candra Georgi said...

love the car picture.

i had cereal like every night before bed with Nation---KIX it was yummo...maybe have contributed to the 40 lb weight gain ; )

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