01 June 2013

zoey bird

We found out a couple of weeks ago my little miss needs to wear orthopedic braces to help align her feet right. She puts almost all her weight on her hips when she tries to walk and it's causing her to walk on the inside of her feet/mostly on her ankles.

I would imagine it would be painful, but she doesn't seem too bothered.

She is a trooper. 
We noticed it a few months ago, but didn't have a chance to say anything until her 15 month checkup with her doctor. Our not-impulsive or overly concerned Doctor was concerned and referred us to a orthopedic therapist. (I wonder if that's what they're called...ask me in a year. I'll know a lot more ;)
I really love physical therapy. Like, if I could go back and do school over I would probably study that. For kids only, p.s. Adult physical therapy seems more like counseling-therapy to me. From what I hear.

I am fascinated by little human's development and the way we progress (though not all the same, which is totally cool.) Zoey's therapist is sweet and kind and does not lay on any guilt. I kind of dealt with my mama-guilt when I found out Zoey had torticollis. Turns out a lot of kiddos with torticollis have this issue with their feet. Did not know that. Did not even know to keep an eye on her feet. Good to know. Though I would have watched out for it if I had known.

I just sort of have this feeling that our Zoeybird will always be a little more fragile health-wise. She got a bad cold at 2 weeks old, has had more fevers in her first year than I think Jack has had in his whole life. She pretty much catches everything that is going around. She's petite and maybe that makes her a bit more vulnerable? I'm not sure. But man, she is so sweet and cuddly when she is sick. She isn't inconsolable or overly fussy and just needs a little more lovin' when she's not feeling too well. I'll take it.

oh, that face. come on. I die.

You can really tell in these pictures how far out her feet went. I grew up in a family full of kids who walk like this. My brother and sister especially do and so do I. Though I have a high arch and not the flat feet. It definitely runs in my dad's side of the family though.

What amazes me is the affects it can have on her future. Without therapy, Zoey would have learned how to walk, eventually, but because she puts all that weight on her hips she would have major hip and knee problems later in life. She would have really bad bunions and probably need surgery for them when she was in high school. She'd end up walking on her ankle bone, which isn't a bone meant to be walked on. 

Incredible what little braces can do to affect the rest of her life. So thankful for them and the funds to be able to afford the braces. 

As crazy (and selfish) as it sounds, the hardest part for me with all of this is all the therapy I need to do with her throughout the day at home. I feel unconfident about the different stretches and gross motor activities her therapist wants me to do. I know it's good and it will help, but I'm just trying to keep up with these two, ya'll. I want to help her all I can, but that adds some extra work to my already busy-work day. 
Is that selfish?
Yes, kind of. 

But it's my comfort, you see. My comfort that, when threatened, kind of rocks my world.
I adapt, it just takes me more time.
And I'm learning to let go of that comfort that I'm not entitled to, that was never promised to me. I'm learning that we will all have health problems, one way or another and I just have to go with it. I can't change it and it just gives me an opportunity to trust God more. 

Of course we'll get Zoey the little braces, because I love her and my heart longs to see her dancing around a room (or on a stage) and running on a track or hiking the grand canyon (I'll be waiting at the top ;) without pain.

and keeping up with this guy.

'cause man, does she ever love him. She gets so frustrated that she can't keep up right now.
I know you're pain, Zoey. Sometimes I wonder how I'll keep up too.

Now, if she doesn't have an interest in sports (which would come as no surprise to us considering who her parent's are) than we will be as physically active as possible to get our money's worth on the car--I mean braces that she's gonna need.
just kiddin', girly.

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Les is more said...

Thanks for sharing this mel. Zoey is such a gift to your family. In many ways, her sweet legs being one, she will be used by God to draw you closer to Him and make your family bond even stronger.

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