15 June 2013

most valuable possessions

Father's Day is tomorrow and I really want to take a quick moment to dote on the incredible daddy to my kiddo's. i don't brag about him often enough on here, but tomorrow is free game.

john with jack when he was first born.

john with Zoey when she was first born...

looking through these pictures my heart melts with how much this guy loves his kiddos. there have been numerous occasions when we've talked about the huge responsibility and constant attention it takes when kiddos are this little. we try to laugh at most of those moments because we know they'll be gone before we know it, but also john will always say. "they're our most valuable possession. we gotta take care of 'em." (referencing a track on a ben folds album) fills my heart with love and thankfulness every time he says it.

John works hard. he is an old school hard worker, i think. he gives 110% and doesn't think a second about it. he comes home exhausted somedays, often needing to work more after they're asleep. but as soon as he walks through that door and his voice rings out "hello, hello?" the kids squeal, i squeal and he greets us with hugs and kisses.

He is so intentional. Whether its teaching them about how a car works or life lessons through a bed time story he tries to have purpose behind the things he tells them. he is often filling their little heads with Truth and Grace. He is intentional to be an example of Jesus to them and is quick to say sorry to them when he needs to. he can often be found on the floor with them, creating little stories with cars and trucks and making jack giggle. he puts them down most nights and if i walk close enough to the door i can hear him singing them "their" song and cuddling and kissing on their little cheeks. since both Jack and Zoey were both babies they would hum along with him as he sang. so precious.

he throws away the "schedule" of the day, if need be, and will spontaneously do something he knows one of them will love. he loves them differently yet equally and tries to remind them how he loves them often.

he doesn't waste much time. he knows they grow so fast and he's trying his very best. 

it's not that it comes easy or second nature to him. he is a driven planner who thinks strategically and factually. he could easily work until they were in bed and leave before they woke up if he had to. but he doesn't and every day he makes that sacrifice for them. every day he doesn't complain, but rather pushes through because he loves them.

because he loves you two.
jack and zoey, you guys have an incredible daddy. 
you really are his most valuable possessions.

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