27 June 2013

heat wave

This is going to be/is already a hot summer.
Can't believe it's almost July and perhaps this weekend heat will bring next week monsoons. I love those summer monsoons.

This summer has already been full of trips down to the "town square" as Jack calls it, playing in the pool, eating otter pops and dinner outside. It's been covered in sunscreen and red, sun brightened cheeks. Late bed times, early rising and late night breezes with popcorn and my man.

I'm trying to love the heat and the summer weather and so far, I do. I love seeing Jack's dirty, rough feet after playing barefoot out back and Zoey's contagious love for the sandbox and water table. She loves being outside and could live out there if I let her. If Jack goes out alone she stands at the screen door screeching "ball! ball!" until I open the screen door and she can totter out to gather her favorite balls. 

These two have found their little friendship. They giggle, they cuddle, they fight, they chase and they love. They really love.

But when time is still for a few minutes and big brother is distracted by a train set or matchbox cars, Zoey bird loves to sit and read a book, look at designs on a blanket or cuddle with her baby and bear on her rocking chair. She's very contemplative and will take intentional breaks to take in the world around her. Pretty precious.

And man, does this girl love to eat her grub.

Physical therapy is going really well. I am so encouraged each week as I see her grow and change and in the last week she has discovered more words and sign language and a way to better communicate what she wants and needs. Her words of choice are ball, baby and bee-bee (that's what we can pacifiers) She always loves to shout da-da and mama and a whisper of "jjj" for Jack. Pretty cute.

She's a trooper. She never fusses about her braces and since Monday has taken many strolls around the house on both feet, hands mid-air to help catch her when she topples. She sometimes gets frustrated, but she perseveres and has great drive.

The physical therapist works so well with her. She is encouraging and patient and so good at what she does. So thankful for her and the help it is to our little one. Jack has adapted to share the attention (mostly) and his character is changing, especially his empathy. He doesn't mind giving up some attention for Zoey during PT and is discovering the beauty of what boundaries can look like. Today he announced to a room full of a people when Zoey started walking "look everyone! did you see Zoey? She's walking!"

My heart was pretty full.

These shots were from Father's Day. We went to a car show downtown. It was a beautiful day, just perfect for an early morning stroll around the square.

We're ready for you. Please bring lots and lots of storms with you. We love watching the sky change and the rain fall. Plus we need some rain, bad.

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Les is more said...

Ah mel, I get so hopeful for Ender's and Cora's relationship when I read about Jack's and Zoey's! Jack's empathy is darling and I know it will be a solid manly thing as he grows :) Have fun embracing the heat and think of those down in the sweltering valley...

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