30 May 2013

summer nights

Summer is here in Arizona and along with it come the long lit evenings that we so love.

The screen door open and the grill going.
The water table and sand box.
Dusty feet, hands, face and knees.
Dirt and rocks, everywhere.

Long walks after dinner 'cause the sun is still out and it's warm.

Evening play on the floor with pillows while the dirty dishes rest on the kitchen table, waiting to wash themselves.

    'cause they can wait. I mean, where else would I rather be?

    I can't think of a more comfortable place to be at that moment.

   Diving off the couch onto the pool of a floor.
   Small, short and staggered baby steps towards her big brother.
   Life happening and trying not to ruin the moment by grabbing my camera.

   All in their comfy's (or just undies) and the cares of the day just seem to melt before our very eyes.

They'll be there tomorrow, anyways.

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