23 May 2013

good read

I read THIS today and man, it hit me. Pretty hard. The importance of praying for self control because, man, I have a temper.

By God's grace, I've come a long way, but I am not there yet.

Yesterday was a rough day. It's been a long week and jumping back into life post-kid-free-vacation is a doozy (no one tells you that, FYI) and the little munchkins I love who are my most valuable possession and who I almost cried I missed them so much on our three day vacation were driving me ca-razy.

After losing my temper because my adorable, lively and healthy three year old kept playing too rough with his little sister I collapsed next to him as we cleaned up our toys for the night. I told him I was sorry and I told him that I'm sorry I yelled. I told him Jesus is working on me and without Him, I'm not a nice guy at all. He gives me all the nice guy that it's me and I need him. We need Him to help us be nice to each other. I said, "He's still working on me and helping me to be nicer, but it takes time." to which Jack asks, "Is he almost done?"

And I laughed at the legit question. "Nope, not yet. He's never gonna be done. He's always gonna be working on us, but that's okay, cause we need Him to."

I don't like yelling and so often I find myself angry about something that has nothing to do with them. I am thankful each day is new and fresh, but that doesn't stop wounds from forming and fear of getting yelled at to build. I need grace and I need fresh perspective, every day. Really thankful for good reads like this one.

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