15 August 2005

Crazy. Craaaazy.

Something crazy happened tonight.

A group of friends spent the evening watching Kung-Foo movies and afterwards my cousin Zander and I were hitting each other, seeing who could be quicker. I found a small dagger and as a joke I went over to hold it up to his throat. He grabbed my hand and twisted my arm completely until I heard my wrist crack in a way I have never heard it before. I told him to stop, I begged him to stop, but for some strange reason, I never let go of the knife. He thought I was joking, but afterwards my entire arm was tingling and aching. He told me I should have dropped the knife, I left, wondering....will I ever meet a guy who doesn't hurt me? Just a little bit of entertainment. And a joke.

This is a picture of my dear friend Kate from Capernwray who is coming tonight on the Greyhound...just like in Simon and Garfunkel's song "America" anyway, she will spend the week here.

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Jacob's Rachel said...

Oh Mel,
Must we always be SO Dramatic?! Hum...YES we MUST!! PS I love the picture accompaning this story of violence and intrigue (Is this you cause I have another picture of you in a similar pose, I believe you are laying on a dock after swimming in bird poop as your faithful friends gasp in horror over you.) This morning I am listning to Lord of the Rings sound track and I am thinking of another time not so long ago that we were shutt up in your house becuase of an ice storm and we pretended LOTR..(Yes we have done this on more than one occation) See where crazy dramatics get you kids? ...Attaching your cousin with a dagger, playing as if your in a movie based on a fictional world...watch out becuase you never know when your imagination might run away with you. (Personaly I find that way more exciting then being down to earth and level headed, I 'm sure you would concure hu Dommey my lad!) "Anyways" I'll talk to you soon friend. (Got your letter too, thanks Pal!) Your Cheeky Mate Bill

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