20 July 2005

holiday trip to warm beach

"You have so many amazing gifts and talents, how can you expect to lead an ordinary life?"
weird story...this lady stepped next to me and bumped me just as the picture was taken. after the picture was done i looked over and she was blind and probably deaf...it felt like a piece of Jesus in this picture, all smiles and everything. Okkkkay, kind of weird.
tarah's dad sonny sitting with a guy named mike. both of them quite the characters in two very different ways.
me and tarah had a fantastic time. she is such a great gift and such a blessing....we had so many good times this last week.
tarahjoshmelkatie three of the funniest people i have ever met. (l-r) tarah, josh and katie. in all honesty, i haven't laughed like that since capernwray or before and their personalities brought such a huge amount of joy into my life. i will never forget those few days at that camp and what a hilarious impact they had on my life. we laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore and it was such a joy.


Cap'n Geech said...

Melanie! Impressive photoblogging. How's life? What a dumb question...
Well, how is it anyway. I have decided I like being dumb these days!

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