19 July 2005

Tell Rolling Stone...

This is a little trip I like to call to Seattle. I miss these girls terribly (and Bonnie as well, who is not pictured) and I pray to see them all soon.
This is me, listening to Kristina....oh, no, wait, again, that's me talking and Kristina listening. My cup runneth over my dear friend.
me kristina sharelle 1 year later
One year since we had seen each other. Craaazy.
Telling Rolling Stone
Two guesses. "You can tell Rolling Stone...." and I hope you've seen Almost Famous. Awesome extra, Beautiful Seattle in the back round!
Eating out AND calling Bonnie! Two very awesome things.
If I may so, this is an awesome picture. I didn't take it, obviously, Kristina did. It was a fun time.
Two reasons for this picture: Either 1. Spiro stole my shoes. or 2. We were on a beach in shoes! or 3. It was just awesome.

Girls, if you read this, I miss you and I am praying for you.

Merry Christmas to all :)
Cheers, I am out and off to bed.
This is us walking towards the park. Beautiful.


Kristina said...

Speaking of "Merry Christmas" in July...what does that remind you of? once again, Almost freaking Famous. (The intro with the Alvin and the Chipmunks song)
Mel, what a beautiful time we had together.
You have such an incredible spirit. I love how full of life you are, i miss that most.

Everyone i know that sees these pictures is astonished with how photogenic you are.
and it's true.

i love you.

Spiro said...

silly girl, I had close to the same shoes as you... yours is the left, and mine is the right.

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