17 March 2005

Направление Бога

...somewhere beyond the trees and the water lies Israel.

...which means, "God's Direction."

This last week I had an all out for real, all walls down, honest talk with Jesus. I asked Him for clear direction with my life...to lead me where He wants me to go and for His own glory...to graciously give me His direction. And He did.

But, ya know, I don't know what made this time different then other times. I've been on my kitchen floor several times pleading with Jesus for guidance and He's just said "wait." and I've waited, and my faith was still as small and miniscule as it was before, but when I asked Him this past week I asked Him believing that He would provide an answer. This is something that while at school and sharing my day's with Hannatu (Grace) she would tell me again and again to have faith that He would answer. Faith? What is faith? To an African it may be the way of everyday life...but for a typical America, which, sadly enough I've come to realize that I am, faith means having it on a rare chance when you have tried everything possible, you have cried out and lost hope of ever getting out of that rut...that's when faith appears (also when Jesus enters the picture and picks us up, wipes us off and begins to take the stirring wheel.) and suddenly, we have lost control of our lives. and that's what HE asks us to do! Incredible!

So, last Tuesday I fasted and contined to seek direction, then I said to my mother "today, the Lord is going to show me what I am going to do with my life."

And the next day, on Wednesday, I got an email from a lady in England who works with Ebenezer Ministries. I had applied earlier that month and asked to go and work somewhere in either Russia or the Ukraine to help gether the Jews and help them make aliyah (going back to Israel) and she wrote back and asked if I would like to come in August or September...so this fall that will be my home, where Lord willing He will pour Himself through me to His chosen people for His own glory. This is the cry of His heart and I am overjoyed to think that He could possibly use me for Him.
I'll be moving to Odesa, Ukrane for three to six months and...although my mother may feel it's too far and too unsafe, I would be scared to death to be anywhere else but in the center of the Lord's will. Because the only place where we can be truly harmed is out of the Lord's will and that could be in our very own home town.
How do we be in the centre of the Lord's will? My friend Soteria once told me "it's having a personal relationship with Him so that when He call us, we go."

And those He calls, He equips...
Also, He works out everything for the good of those that love Him.
That's our Jesus. Our Abba. His unfaithfulness blows me away.
Praise Jesus.


thekate said...

I'm rejoicing with you, dearest friend and Sister. He's been with you all along and He'll be with you forever. You are an example to me of loving obedience to God.

Madeleine L'Engle wrote that "Loving obedience should never be difficult; we are not being coerced, or manipulated. Loving obedience is doing the Lord's will with enthusiasm--doing the Lord's will filled with the Spirit of God."

That's what you're an example of to me, and it's wonder-full to watch God BE your strength and joy. I love you. More great things are ahead.

Karen Ruth said...

I know we've already talked about this, but I am so excited for you. There truly is power in prayer and fasting when we have enough faith to just do it! You are going to have such an amazing experience and will grow so much! I know you're anxious to go, but use your time now to prepare for it and you will benefit so much from that! I love you Mel!

Jacob's Rachel said...

Oh Gordo you never seas to amaze me! Praise Jesus for you! Mel honastly you are such a constant inspiration to me, and encouragement! Im so blessed to count you as dear a freind as you are. I MISS YA!! I am spilling over with joy at the things the Lord is doing in your life, how wonderful to be "right in it". I have no doubt the the Father will watch and gard your foot steps, he has so far. (also Mel I love the way you discribe things, especialy when you talk about Jesus.!)Call me soon pal! Love ya Verno

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