06 March 2005

an artist's perspective...

Spoken For

woman wiping Jesus' feet with her tears

Another demonstration of God's beauty! My cousin Sarah painted these for an Art Walk we have here in town...she's incredible. The first one goes along with the Mercy Me lyrics for "Spoken For" and the second is of the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.


I am drawn back to that song "I was born to kiss His feet...isn't He beautiful?"


mike from kansas said...

how do you post pictures on you blog?

melanie said...

Go to flickr.com and open up an acount...or if you have a pc...i'm not sure. i just know what to use for mac.
its easy!

Jacob's Rachel said...

Mel Please tell Sarah that I think her pictures are amazing. She is a very talented artist...it makes me want to paint again. IM having problems finishing things I start. Oh friend it was so so so good to talk to you on Saturday night. I miss you so much and every where I look in Topeka I pass a place where we have a momory...its like a ghost town sometimes. I've been thinking a lot about spring latley and remembering my trip to Phoenix when you werent there yet..(bad to think about for SO MANY reasons!) But I missed it and I miss your family too....I want to visit soon...when is school over??? I want to come before it's dead summer there! I love ya lots pal talk to you soon. YOU ARE ALWAYS REMEMBERED!!! Ratch

This Is My Story said...

Those pictures are so beautiful!

Spiro said...

all i have in this world is more than a king could ever wish for. all these crowns leave me cold for i was born to kiss your feet.

all i have in this life is all for a king you know i'll live for. and your crown bears my name for i was born to give you praise.

isn't he beautiful?

take this life, take it all-- i'm breathing the dirt, but i have clean hands. so i'll run with my boots on for i was born to give you fame.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing picture to be able to look at a picture and see mercy personified is beyond words. This really has broken me. What an image!

Mel said...

thats awesome!

its all my cousin sarah.

oh, by the way....who are you?

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