24 January 2005

the wonder state

it doesn't happen often, but when it does it always seems to be this heart warming feeling that begins at the end of my feet and drives itself up my entire body.

tonight i was driving home from russian. i had just learned how to say "do you have a television?" and learned the genetive case for it which is altogether confusing. he had called on me and i turned all shades of red; maroon, pink, probably even bright orange and he knew it because he tried to compliment my Russian to make up for it. i was driving home, speeding in fact, listening to music when a song came on that i hadn't listened to for a while:

My Lord what love is this?
That paid so dearly
That I, the guilty one, may go free.

Amazing love, oh what sacrifice
The Son of God, given for me
My dept He paid, and my death He died
That I, might live.

And so, they watched Him die
Despised and rejected
But oh, the blood He shed, flowed for me.

And now, this love of Christ
Will flow, like rivers
Come wash, your guilt away,
And live again.

....and i begin to cry...not a lot and hardly enough to really feel it and i was once again in awe of Jesus and His mercy. all of what He's done for me...for us and for His children, His chosen ones....it is beyond my comprehension. i hope He never reaches my comprehension so that we can always be in this wonder state. its important.

that's the end.


Spiro said...

I have always loved that song.

OldGoose said...

That's beautiful. It's encouraging to read that.

thekate said...

what a God, to give us the blessing of the wonderstate, eh? He could've just made us Truth receptacles that say "okay, got that. Next." WHAT a song that is to really drink in.

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