27 January 2005

watching "fresh prince" in english with german subtitles...

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...a very fond memory i share with susan watts. my dear capernwray friend who said tonight, with a bit of my own words:

"have you ever realized that time can not stop? that no matter how frustrating, how tired, how angry or hurt you get that time can not stop? you want to say "hey, i'm tired, i want a break!" but its impossible. time just keeps going and life goes on and there's nothing we can do about it."


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Kathryn said...

Hey it's Kathryn Salonka from Capernwray. I saw this picture and had to comment. I watched Notting Hill dubbed in German on that very TV, such a good memory. Especially hearing what "whoopsie daisies" is in German, ha ha. Hope you are doing well and love your blog!

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