21 August 2015

the time with the mud

between 6 and 7pm the sun starts to descend and the air cools. it's one of our favorite times of the day.
the kids escape to the backyard and explore every inch of land that our fence holds. 

this particular day it was quiet. too quiet. but we were tired and if i remember correctly i was taking a 7pm snooze on the couch and the screen door was open to hear any chaos that may be happening. john was catching up on the news. we heard laughter but we weren't quite expecting this. and not jack, but zoey. somehow the binky joined the fun and somehow she had in caked in her hair. she wouldn't come out at first when i called her name. she was hiding from me. when she saw me i couldn't help but laugh. snap a picture and laugh. oh, kids.

but let's be real. we're in a drought! so of course the kids were told they couldn't play with whatever any more. 

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