19 August 2015

day 1

Today our boy started Kindergarten.

Last night we had a little family feast (nothing special, just burgers and watermelon.) We shared our hopes for this year (very briefly cause there was chocolate cake to be had, people.) and at each turn Zoey was quick to say, "I in Kindergarten too!" or "What about me?"

He said he can't wait to wear his backpack and play on the playground at recess (though he has been informed he can't go on the monkey bars until he's in first grade. who knew?) Our little bird is having a hard time adjusting and just can't understand why/how Jack can go somewhere without her. They have become dear friends and each other's favorite playmate since we've moved. They create the best stories and are always onto the next adventure. I am excited to see how Zoey grows this year and the different areas she changes as she's able to have her own opinions without the strong influence of an older sibling. ha.

After an early start to the day (Jack has to be at school at 8:15 and its about a 20 minute drive.) Zoey has taken a nap (been a very long time since that) and Jack has had a quiet afternoon. They only went until 11am the first day, but tomorrow it's a full day of school and learning.

The imminent routine of school life has been taunting me all summer long as we sleep in every morning, stay up waaay too late and our days are full of a fun, easy going (and mostly free) pace. I know routine is good and that kids thrive on it and even I prefer it, but establishing the routine is the real burden and getting there takes a lot of sacrifice and choices. Right choices. But we'll establish it and I will embrace it, what else is there to do? ;)

And I am certain Zoeybird will learn to love life in her own skin. Meeting her new friends and going on little adventures all her own. But if she's anything like her mama, she'll always prefer the company of a good friend over that of flying solo. Maybe not, who knows.

But here goes, 2015. The beginning of something new. Let's not talk about the continued summer heat or that I still firmly believe school should not start until after labor day. We'll just roll with it.

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