14 August 2015


I love a lot of things about this new place.

I love the consistent breeze that flows throughout our house the minute that sun is lower.
I love how the trees are green and they pretend they get rain to their roots, but we're on to the drought (and the ridiculous water bills to keep grass green.)
I love the fig tree in our yard and the orange tree on the side of the house. I love knowing we can be whisked away to the beach or to the city for cooler weather.

There have been, however, a few learning curves for this banana shaped place. Besides being a little too keen on itself and a little ahead of it's time, it also requires reusable bags wherever you go. Even Marshalls. I still, to this day, have a hard time remembering my bags when I go into Target. and I don't like wasting money, even if it is .10 a bag. That's been an adjustment.

Another awakening was today at the DMV to register our vehicle. There is a charge for every day you don't register your car here in Cali. Even if you had prior registration that was not expired. My goodness. After a doozy of a ticket the innocent bystander asked if I would like help with anything else to which I couldn't help but reply "Nope! You guys took all my money, there's nothing left!" ha. She chuckled. Then she asked for our previous state title for our vehicle so she could destroy it and issue us a california title. I knew my conspiracy theory husband would not like that idea so I told her that was not going to happen. Then she asked for our old license plates so she could destroy those. I told her thank you very much that will not be happening either. I'm still not sure why I put up such a fight about those. I mean, I do. I'm sentimental and so is my boy. I imagine he'll want those hung in his bedroom later this year.

Oh, Cali. You are luring with your beautiful coastline, dangerous earthquakes, repetitive weather and billowing trees that waves at us all day long. I like you, I do, but maybe it's the rebel in me. Or the old small town girl. I just can't trust you yet. This summer has been hot and I am sure you will try to woo me with your winter 70 degree days. I'll do a reevaluation then, don't worry. But for now, go easy on us, okay? Particularly in the potential 100 degree weather thats supposed to come tomorrow.

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