17 March 2015

zoey turns 3!

What a girl, our Zoey.
What a kindred little soul.
a lover of laughter, jokes, being chased, all things puppy, babies, every animal (even bugs) her blanket, sparkly things, purple tshirts, chap stick, jewelry, nail polish and strong desire to get her ears pierced.

my little bird has grown into a lively, passionate, kind, friendly little girl.

three years has gone SO very fast. too fast, if you ask me.
it feels like just yesterday that i was holding her for the first time at the hospital.
i was so scared, scared to have a daughter and scared to have a newborn again.
i wish i could tell then-mel to relax a bit and that she would be just fine. but ya know, you just can't tell a new mom certain things. how could i have known that she would be a very easy going baby? that she would be full of joy and life from the very beginning?

i also didn't know that she would need physical therapy, the cutest little braces i ever did see and would be a speedy potty trainer. how can you predict such things?

oh, my. she lights up my world, ya'll.
she is so precious and hilarious. such a little cheese ball.
i read amy poehler's book recently and she wrote what she was like as a baby and i couldn't help but see similarities and it was then that i prayed and hoped that she would grow up to be a comedian just like amy. haha. okay, not just like amy, but similar would be fun.

we had a puppy party for her 3rd birthday. complete with puppy bowls (that she continues to request to eat out of) and the cutest little puppy balloons. 

Zoey actually got a bad ear infection the day of her birthday (complete with a trip to urgent care) but grandma and grandpa were up so we had a mini celebration and rescheduled her party until the following week. 

it was so, so fun.

happy birthday to my beautiful Birdie,

I love watching you grow up, hearing your opinions develop, see you mercy heart so early, and see also your deep loyalty to those that you care about. You are a girl all your own, Zoey, and I can already see your courage and your kindness as two of our greatest gifts. 

I saw Cinderella in the theater a few days ago and all I could think of was you and how much she reminded me of you. Your core is kind, my girl, and yet you are brave and courageous too. I pray that as you grow you will hold tight to those two core traits that you were given. You will do such great things and love and meet so many wonderful people on your journey. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Zoeybird, I can't wait to watch you grow! I love you!


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Les is more said...

Awesome tribute to your zoey!

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