24 March 2015

they do this thing...

We were at home depot yesterday and Zoey did the cutest thing ever.

(side note: she hasn't seen Mary Poppins yet. And doesn't she look like a preview of her teenage self? Slow down, little one!)

We were in the garden section and she is looking up at the birds and listening to them sing. I see her lift up her hand and I think, how cute!

After expressing her need to go to the bathroom she asks me on the way, "Mama? Why birdies don't land on my finger??" the poor girl really though the birds would land on her little finger if she held it out for them. Oh, man. Keep believing, little one.

Jack, my little leader and one who loves friends, he keeps changing on me. And getting smarter and learning words like "claritin" and "hindenberg blimp" ---this boy. I tell you what. He's full of adventure and energy and such deep feelings. They surface often and if I'm careful enough, he'll share them with me. If I respond harshly he's quick to shut them down. It's a tough balance, learning this little guy. What a gift to be his mama. What deep questions he has and most sincere prayers to Jesus. Thanking Him for everything he has, good and bad.

I love watching his friendships grow and his little person learn that you can't decide what you're going to play all the time, and how to take turns deciding. That's a tough deal when you're five, lets be real.

I had my first semi-goodbye time with dear friends here in our mountain town. 
It's so tough to think of living life away from these dear friends.
What all we'll miss out on and the little friendships our kiddos share. 
Forever I will be so thankful for this season with them and so many others. 

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