16 September 2013

sick little bird

Zoey has been sick over the weekend. I wish I could say that when my kids become sick I turn into this:

But instead, I turn into this:

Ok, that's a little extreme, but funny none the less.
Sometimes I have Marmee potential, but when it comes to vomit or the runs, I am a mess. I just run around trying to find rags and get that smell out of my nose while John gently consoles our little one; vomit all over his shoulder. That's kind of how we work though, he and I. I clean up and disinfect (which he appreciates) while he cuddles and comforts and aids with a sip of water.

I did take one for the team though. Around 3am, rocking my sweet girl who then puked all over me. Of course then I called for backup, but for a minute I was alright.

Maybe I'll mature into a Marmee-type. Maybe one day vomit won't suddenly make me feel like I, too, am about to throw up everywhere and I can hold back the hair, gently scratch the back and then stroke their hair while they sleep.

Yeaaaah. Probably not.

Sorry, kids. I have some strengths, but dealing with puke may not be one of them.
But I am always up for a good old fashioned sick day. Sheets on the couch, pillow, comfies all day, whatever you want to watch and whatever you'd like to eat. I'll comfort you, stroke your hair and read you as many books as you would like.
Just please don't throw up on me.


1 comment:

r.martin said...

OH PAL!! I am so sorry for your sick babbies! But LESbe honest....that post was Helarious!!!! Seriously I was laughing so hard!! It's okay that your not okay with vomit....I think I would be worried if you were! I hope Zoey girl is better. I miss you and I want to talk to you soon!!!! Love ya, vernO

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