12 September 2013


Some days there just isn't enough time.
Some days I feel kind of restless, distracted, consumed by social media or the newest thing that I forget these moments.

I long to be an alive-in-the-moment type of person. I can feel myself learning how (this book has helped) but sometimes discontentment is bred by the smallest of things and I am heading down a road of "wish I had's" and "wouldn't it be nice if's." and before I know it, I've lost sight of the now once again.

I'm also very sentimental and find myself reflecting on the past with longing sighs as if somehow I could be transported back in time. 
I dream about my childhood and movies, shows, toys, and dollies that were just as vital to my childhood as any living person.

But still, the past is gone and the future is out of my hands and all that really leaves me with is the now.
and Now, for us, means taking the time to color and paint with the kids and read books and make up stories and build forts on the couch.
the Now is rocking Zoey for just a minute longer so I can kiss her hair and feel her tiny hands around my arms.
the Now is laying down with Jack before nap and asking how he is doing and what we can thank Jesus for.
the Now is date nights and taking the time to embrace our youth and going for family walks and cuddling on the couch after the kids have gone to bed.

'cause so fast its gone. and then it's a whole new Now that will look different and feel different.

my hope is to love each season of life. embrace it, live in it, love it and do whatever it takes to be content. which is, obviously, way harder than it sounds.

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