09 September 2013

nap time

i love capturing an afternoon nap or saturday morning wake up calls.
thanks to motherhood i have become an early riser and savor my still, slow, quiet mornings alone with my warm cup of coffee, journal and a good book. even if it's just for ten minutes. 

my man still loves his sleep. he's a night owl and will often be up a full hour after i've dozed off (light on and all) and i try to let him savor that morning sleep a bit too.
though that doesn't always happen. like this morning when i found him totally asleep, all the lights on (courtesy of jack) while both kids jumped in zoey's crib. 

our kids haven't caught on to our morning routines and wake up at different times and with different needs. imagine that.

but there is always always time for a snuggle. even while still asleep.

oh, there he is. wakin' up too. 

these two love a good nap, a good cuddle and way-too-warm sleeping conditions for my hot blooded self.

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