27 August 2013

the escape

this happened.

i hear giggling. i hear shuffling in a small tent. i see little feet poking out, kicking wildly.
and then silence.
i look inside the tent to find my two little rascals with a bag of jelly belly beans stuffing as many as possible into their tiny mouths. 

so, what do i do? 
naturally, i grab the camera and wait to take them until after i catch a couple moments.

i'm not sure who the ring leader was in this adventure. jackboy loves jelly beans, but birdie loves sweets  like i've never seen (since my own cravings when i am pregnant and/or nursing.) so it could have been her.

it really could have been. 
especially with her dangerous climbing skills that she has discovered.

1 comment:

Les is more said...

Partners in crime I'd say!

Was it hard to get zoey to dig solids? Cora hates the spoon and anything on it. She will acquiesce to thinned oatmeal...but that's it. I think she might be a sweets kind of girl because that is all I ever ate pregnant and nursing. Oops... Im' forcing more veggies, but I know not who this body is anymore :)

Ornery kids. :)

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