20 August 2013

even though school has started for most, the summer is still ever-present here in AZ.

i can't complain. not with the beautiful afternoon monsoons that have returned and the cool evenings and early mornings. but it's still in the 90's and man, that's a lil toasty.

we had cousins over a couple of weeks ago for an after church lunch. jack loves to see them and play outside. 

most sunday afternoons are followed with this (after naps of course)
both kiddos are beginning to understand the idea of just cuddling. john's top five favorite activity. i like it for a couple of minutes, but typically enjoying capturing it instead.

jack loves a good cuddle, even if zoey doesn't.

zoey does love post-bath cuddles with her daddy. so cute.

i love this shot. their faces. the crayon marks. that was a good day.

zoey likes to draw chalk on herself. so cute.

with summer months slowly coming to a close my favorite months are ahead. my favorite autumn months. full of pumpkins and leaves (mostly fake, but that's okay) and chilly evenings and apple cider. 

i can't believe it's already been a year.
i feel like it was just Christmas.

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