06 August 2013


Where have you gone, little ones? 
You're saying all sort of fun things like 

you love to cuddle with your blanket and baby. you already nurture, care for, feel empathy for crying babies, hug new friends, run away from strangers, cling to my hip like a little monkey and ask for more candys every time we pass the cupboard.
you are sassy and adventurous; climbing couches and dressers and playhouses. you run and fall a hundred times, but you don't mind. you get right back up. unless you see your daddy, than all you want is for him to hold you.
you already make fun noises and laugh at yourself or if we're laughing you join in. 
you love to color and draw, lying flat on your tummy.
you love to put hats on and bracelets and shoes.
your hair sometimes is in your face, when you first wake up.
you've learned to use both hands to move it away, even if it's connected by boogers.

you love to snuggle up and lately i can hear your tiny voice saying
"mama. mama."
and when daddy walks in the door,
you make our hearts melt.

you are my little sunshine. i love you, zoeybird.

you started telling me stories about
jack in the beanstock
singing songs like 
"rock, crank, zing!" (really original)
loving daniel tiger's neighborhood
learning beatle's songs and bible songs 
loving on your sister and talking in your sweet, high voice to her.
nurturing her.
protecting her.
laughing with her and tickling her.
you run barefoot in the backyard.
take baths and have started to pretend.
you sing songs and make us laugh with jokes like 
"zoey, if you don't stop crying i'm going to throw you out the window!"
(that was a one time joke, of course.)
your heart, my dear boy, is changing and developing. i can already see you are
desire justice and fairness
will play with anyone-however old
will greet anyone you meet, anywhere.
will always first say to them "cars! trucks! trains!"
and lately,
"hi. i'm Jack! do you wanna play with me?"

i've also discovered how much you love one-on-one time. 
you like to walk around the library together. get bagels. sing our favorite song (some nights)
get a car at goodwill and you are really great company.
i love being with you.
hearing your thoughts and your heart.
answering your questions (even when you are very certain you know the answer)
and just being near you.

you are kind. you are special. just the way you are, my jackboy.


r.martin said...

awww pal you look so beautiful! and your babies as always are so precious!

Les is more said...

just look at you guys! what a wonderful life.

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