15 July 2013

The summer monsoons have finally come and I can't help but feel like they're a little late. If it had been this cool and rainy a couple of weeks ago maybe things would be different. Maybe those men would still be alive and there wouldn't have been so many funerals in one week. But that's not the case and the rains did come late this year and we choose to trust and watch as God uses His people to love on families and take care of babies and take meals to families and mourn with them. It's really incredible to see this community come together in help and support. It's bittersweet to drive through town and see purple reminders and flags at half-mast. God is present in the healing, for those that want it, and is so near to those who are broken hearted. I know it will take time, a long time, and grace for this community to heal, but the healing process has begun. 

i didn't take this picture, but it is pretty incredible.

It was so silent as 19 hearses drove by carrying the body's of these men. It was so still.

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