15 July 2013


We had a small-ish family gathering a couple of weeks ago with cousins and aunts and uncles. It was really wonderful to see a small fraction of cousins. Good to see our kids playing together. It feels like not long ago we were playing together on that front lawn. Time goes so quickly.

We met three week old babies and reminisced with dear cousins I remember holding as babies (when I was a kid myself) and pretending with for hours.

Love seeing my dad with a girl grandchild. He is such a sucker for little girls.

We watched little boys play in a creek that for me used to be the source of hours of stories that had us running away from the orphanage or finding our own utopia. I still feel like that 12 year old inside most days, but when I see my adventurous three year old nearly launch himself into the slippery, cold water I'm reminded how old I am becoming. And for the record, it was too hot for me and Zoey on my hip so we left John and Jack to have some creek adventures. And they both came back wet and exhilarated.

And it's great to see time pass. Bittersweet, of course, but natural and a part of life.

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