27 July 2013


Zoeybird is officially walking. Everywhere.

She isn't wearing her little braces in this picture (cause they can't get wet, hello.) but she typically does wear them underneath her converse high tops (of course.)
Oh, that girl. so much love in a little body.

She loves her some bubbles.

Anything that is shaped like a ball, really. When we go into a store she screams at the top of her little lungs "BALL! BALL, BALLLLLLL!!"(at anything that is a circle.)

Papa and Grandma were up for the 4th weekend. This was a lovely morning full of coffee and water play. It was cool out and rather than go to the much too populated parade we stayed home and did this instead. My kind of mornin'.

our little boy trying to catch the bubbles. Oh, he is so determined. Whatever he sets his mind to.

and he keeps trying until he gets it to work. or not.

Lots of lovin' and cuddling before naptime.

post nap-time. it takes our kiddos a good 30 minutes to fully wake up. jack especially, haha.

little summer toes.

i'll miss those toes, one day. i already can't believe how big they've grown.
slow down, little ones.

Jack is really into Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which I love. And I choke up at the ending credits nearly every time. We sing them together and Zoey waves at the screen as the little friends go by.

We also started singing this song to each other. Sometimes I sing it to Jack often throughout the day. Especially on those hard days. Some times I forget he's three. I forget he's just learning and he's a boy and is human. I forget that he's a work in progress, just like me.

That's not the exact song, but part of it from the show. Oh, man. So cute. Such a great show full of cute songs and good lessons. Jack already sings the potty song and pretty much every song. I am not ashamed of supporting good tv shows. Especially when it's Mr. Roger's. I mean, come on.

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