20 May 2012


 I finally uploaded my pictures from my phone. Yikes. I need to do that more often. 600 some pictures later, here are a few of my favorite moments of the last couple of months. (600 pictures in a couple months?! No way.)

I love having this blog as a memory keeper, a journal, a scrapbook, a baby book, all the above. So I'm determined to post more. To remember more and to have something to reflect on when another year has passed and see the beauty, trials and faithfulness of Jesus in the last year.

Today, John and I laughed on the couch before he left for Night of Worship at the square (TONIGHT! Last year about 6,000 people came and perhaps more this year. So excited to see what the Lord has planned.) I told him how when you're a mom it's hard to plan "free time" It's not like you get to clock out at 5 and then have an evening planned. Your roll just keeps on ...rolling. (haha) But truly. There are not many breaks, just little pauses and when I get an hour to myself I typically just sit on the couch and reflect, check facebook, listen to music, watch a show. Do very little productive activity. 

He laughed. And we talked about if its being lazy or just resting. I reckon a bit of both. All that to say, I want to be more proactive to write on this blog more. To capture moments again. Having two really does make the day fly by. I barely have time to shower (for reals. Sometimes I don't.) but these moments are passing so quickly and how fun to have something to show the kiddos when they are older and those times are gone.

Here are a few of my favorite latest moments. They're uncut, sometimes a little raw and show me in my pajamas. (yikes!) but more than that they are real life right now.

Zoey practicing tummy time.


Jack had a restless night which ended with both guys in the guest room and John on the edge of the bed. Haha.

 Such a proud big brother.

Jack in his fort

Jack and his dad in his "space ship" reading a book
good 'ol Morning and Evening. Such a great reminder.

after nap cuddles with daddy

John and 2 and Jackboy

me at 2 months and Zoey

ever flood of nursing pads
Time. It goes to quickly.

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maggie said...

i love this mel!! sooo awesome!:)

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