26 May 2012

beginning of summer

A cold front came in this weekend and it couldn't have come at a better time. Just when I thought summer might be here to stay we get a nice little chill (low 60's) to remind me that the heat hasn't arrived. Yet.

We have been playing outside as much as humanly possible. I am dead set on teaching Jack to enjoy the outdoors (a life skill I didn't practice nearly often enough.) I love the outdoors, but preferred playing inside as a kid. That mostly had to do with the fact that growing up in Ohio it was often raining, snowing or just bitter cold. Summer days were often spent outside in an above ground pool, at friend's houses and exploring the woods behind our neighbor's house. Oh, summer. 

Since moving out west I quickly realized that the warm, Arizona sun could either be my friend or my enemy. After years of fighting it in the valley, I'm choosing to embrace it with these beautiful mountains and pine trees. It's not nearly as warm as down the mountain and on days that it is, I shall welcome it with a kiddie pool and a tall glass of iced tea. I'm done fighting the sun (that is there almost 344 days a year. ;) and want Jack to enjoy it as much as he wants. Because, this boy loves it. He would live outside if he could and has already asked his dad to sleep out there. Oh, young boy. Enjoy it. Run free. (and get alllll that energy out before bed time.)

Here's to summer, lots of time outside, playing in the sprinklers and eating Popsicles. and Childhood.

Here's what Zoey has been doing lately.

a dad and his boy. And the boy too busy to turn around for the picture ;)

Those adventure eyes with specks of dirt/boogers on his cheeks.

Jack after asking him over and over to look at the camera. I think he was telling me something. haha.

This is what happens when we ask Jack to hold Zoey. He loves her, he really does.

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Nessa Bixler said...

I am in Ohio and it is SO hot!! The humidity is the worst. Jack is looking so big these days.

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