09 May 2012

spring 2012

Firefox just changed their layout and I don't dig it at all.
I should have refused the update but it kept freezing up on me and then closing.

Oh well, ya live and ya learn.

Speaking of living, I've been kind of crazy busy lately. And I don't love being busy. I enjoy it, but it's not my favorite. I enjoy casual days of hanging out and having a few laughs.

Last week we had an illness that spread like wildfire in our house. It was a nasty bug with a fever and horrible cough. Everyone got it, even Zoeybird, but thankfully she got it the least. 

It was kind of fun to get extra snuggles with Jack and let him eat Popsicles and crackers. After a feverish night he awoke in a hurry and rushed out to the family room to see "the helicopter" outside. He insisted that it was out there and kept asking for it all morning.

So, when I went to walmart for some goods I picked him up a little helicopter. I'm not sure what he was dreaming, but I know this. Fever dreams are crrrrraaazy.

 Zoey is THREE months! I can hardly believe it! A few weeks ago we noticed that she was starting to get a little flat spot on the back side of her head. My doctor recommended a therapist come and take a look at her and I took her also to see a lady in town who does Bowen work. After Zoey got her neck realigned she was like a whole new baby! Looking both ways and stretching her little neck. That with intense stretches and changing her sleeping position and I am really beginning to see a difference, praise Jesus! The therapist kind of freaked me out (I am easily intimated by doctors & professionals who act like they know what's up) and she basically told me not to put her in the bouncy seat, the swing or on her back any longer than 20 minutes a day. What?! So I did it. I was intense about it. I made John get into it with me and my parents. Then, last week I noticed the other side of her head was looking a little flatty. Oye vey. All in moderation. I need this tattooed on my hand or something.

So, our little girl is moving her head like a pro these days, thus I canceled the other therapy session and feel confident that she will figure it out in good time. She's almost ready for the bumbo, but not quite yet. Maybe another week. She's so much smaller than Jack was at this time that sometimes I forget how old she is and how much more she's capable of doing than I'm encouraging her to do.  ;)

Speaking of Jackboy, he's a real boy. All baby is gone and he's this talkative, funny, passionate, imaginative little two and a half year old. I read Peter Pan to him the other day and he just loved it. He's started to pretend with me and asks me to play back.

And of course I do.

I love, love this age and if they came out at two, I'd have a dozen. I love it when they start exploring through back yards and in box tunnels and build forts. I love it when they play in the bathtub and curl up in your arms before bed. I love it when you see that light bulb magically appear above their heads when they understand exactly what you're saying and something that used to frustrate them so much just connected. I love that. I love it when they learn their name, how old they are and ask questions like "What's your name?" and "I missed you." and "I love you, mama." 

Oh, man. That line gets me every time.

The line between Spring and Summer is very thin here in AZ, so we are trying to enjoy "spring" for as long as can.

I love this little crusty face. 

Little Z wearing the outfit I came home from in the hospital. 

I love this little face!


Les is more said...

mel, you posted! i've been waiting with bated breath, ha! its good to hear from you.
zoey is a gem! i truly really want to make it to prescott this summer. Zander and I are in the process of buying a house so we just haven't been making any other plans other than to bushwack through this crazy mess!

Nessa Bixler said...

3 months!! Every boy needs a helicopter - good job mommy.

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