07 March 2012

These Days

A few more weeks in and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it.

We've been to church. Solo with two kids.

We've had a playdate. One to speak of.

We've gone out to dinner, the four of us.

We've entertained in laws and are on deadlines and have somehow survived early morning wake up calls from our first born.

Who is currently talking to himself in his room.

And man, it's been great.

Challenging at times, but good.

Around three weeks Zoey perked up an I wondered if she would ever nap again. Did I panic? Mm, yeah. A little. After seeking advice and counsel we began found our rhythm, which for us meant nursing a babe on both sides, even when she seemed to be in a milk coma. Since then, she's been napping so much better & last night she slept from 11-5. What?! Jack didn't do that for a year. Granted, around 8pm or so she begins a little munching fest, then gets a lil tummy ache, and soon conks out in her daddy's arms.

These new rhythms, I'm finding, are a little hard. I love them, I do. But they are kind of tricky. Every new rhythm has different beats and tempos. Poor Jack has been dealing with a few too many changes in his rhythm, I'm afraid. He loves his sister, but he's aching for some playmates.

Thus, that must be why they say 2 kids to 3 kids is a little easier than 1-2.

I'm so thankful to Jesus that nursing is going well & that this adjustment is much easier than the last one.

Jack has begun to talk up a storm. The things he says, man.

His favorite thing lately to say is,

"Watch this mommy-Zoey." because apparently we are one in the same.

He also, occasionally, lifts up his shirt and looks down there & says, "feed zoey?" sorry pal, that'll never happen.

He's such a fun kid & ready for Spring.

And I am too. After a chat with a dear friend I have high hopes for lots of outdoor time and swimming and eating lunch on the patio and just being. Because we live in a pretty beautiful place and it's time I embrace.

Yesterday I took my first walk on our treadmill. It felt wonderful. I listened to a Max Lucado sermon & even ran a very little.


On another note, I am loving the Once Upon A Time show. So good.

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Nessa Bixler said...

It is all so different I bet. I am so excited and scared at the same time. Seems like I have such a handle on our day-to-day right now. 11-5!! How awesome!

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