20 March 2012

photo dump 2012

I wish I had time to upload each picture individually and tell you the great story that goes with them, but then, I fear I may never put these pictures on here. 

Here's the last month in a glance. I can hardly believe Zoey is almost two months old! Time has flown! 

 a weekend visit from Grandma and Grandpa Dickerson

 And the next weekend brought Grandpa and Grandma Smith (thank you Lord!)

 Jack, full of adventure and risk taking. Especially when mom is busy.

My dear cousins Kathryn and Mary and my Aunt Pat came up for a day visit. We pretended so much as little kids that we had babies (or rather, we pretended I was Marmee and they were my Little Women) and here we were, holding a real baby. Feels so surreal. and p.s. aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!

 A typical morning around these parts.

 After a quick bath. She looked too cute in her little hoody thing.

 Those eyes, I tell you. She's an old soul.

 It's getting more and more difficult to get a picture of Jack. He's moving all the time!

 Saturday cuddle. This last weekend.
 Oops, Jack is off again.

 Such a cute kiddo. He's busy talking up a storm and we can barely finish a sentence before he's repeated it. Oh, boy. 

some of my favorite things he says are:

"Hi Zooooeeeyyy!" in the cutest most shrill squeal.

"You ok, mommy?" anytime he falls on top of, throws a ball at you when you aren't looking or steps on your sore toe. 

He loves to sing songs, dance, play with his cars, eat fruit snacks, drink "coffee" and play night-night. A game in which he takes us into his room and turns off all the lights and gives us blankys and a pacifier. Not too bad.

 our heavy snow fall this weekend.

 A St. Patty's Day Feast. So delicious and filling.

 Loving on his sis.

Jack in the snow!

That's all for now..

Though hoping for more to come. The days and nights fly so quickly here. But the kiddos are snoozing for now, so I'm off to walk on the treadmill (be gone, baby weight ;)

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Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my goodness - she is such a doll. I can't believe how big Jack looks beside your little Zoey.

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