19 March 2012

Snowing in Spring

Living in Arizona the weather is never really "normal." Summer days in December and incredibly intense monsoons in July leave us with drastic temperature and precipitation changes within a weeks time. Kind of crazy, but I like it.

I have a weird fascination with weather. I remember being as young as a 3rd grader and watching the weather channel before school. I loved seeing what was coming that day and week. I have wonderful memories of waking up to very gray cloudy skies and thunderstorms on summer mornings. Thunderstorms that crept into swim team practice and forced us to evacuate the pool. I remember heavy ice storms and snow on cold winter mornings. If I close my eyes just right I can still remember the excitement of having a snow day as a kid. Growing up in Ohio, the weather changed every week. I loved it.

Needless to say, Arizona is sunny and beautiful and full of birds chirping and bike riding, but this midwestern girl misses a lil weather variety.

So when a snow storm was barreling through our little city, John and I were like kids again. We watched the lights flicker and got a flashlight, we put extra blankets on the kids and got ready for a great storm. There was hail, thunder and then deep blankets of snow. Oh, it was glorious.

And 70 degrees by Thursday? Well, alright. As long as we don't say farewell to winter permanently, please.

Before we know it Monsoons will fill our hot afternoons and the summer heat will be upon us. But not just yet.


Life with two is going well. We are figuring out our rhythm as a family and as husband and wife. Though not easy, it definitely is new and fun.

I think my most challenging days so far are Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday. John is gone nearly all day on Sunday and getting the kiddos ready, fed and out the door for church is kind of tricky. The hardest part is Jacks early wake up call. 6:15am yesterday. Yikes. John leaves by 6am which leaves me flyin solo. But Gods grace is so good and needed. He gave me the blessing of having Zoey sleep really well on Saturday night and then when Jack got up, He gave me for real supernatural strength to get through the morning, and feel alive. I tell you what, I was so thankful because on my own I am a pretty crabby mess that early.

But the day went well! Tiring, but good. Both John and I crashed on the couch later that night, watching one of our favorite shows. We were that tired. He said he tried to wake me up like ten times but I wouldn't have it. I don't remember that.

So thankful that my dad will be up here on Wednesday when John has a late meeting and an early morning meeting on Thursday. Thank you, Lord. Just the bit of extra help during these early months is so appreciated.

My two young cousins and Aunt came for a visit a couple weeks ago and it was awesome to catch up with them a little bit! Too quick of a trip.

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Melissa said...

Your snow pictures are so pretty. The cold weather here in Az is wonderful, expecially with the hot summer months just around the corner. :)

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