19 September 2008

What I'd Like to see For Christmas

My brother and I were catching up on the phone last night. In the Fall we tend to browse apple.com trailers and see what is to expect that winter. This was one that he told me about. It's incredible and I can't help but want to watch more.

My favorite movie from the summer?

I saw it 4 times.
Once with my sister and cousins,

Another time with John (I really kind of made him, but he says he liked it!)

And a very late showing with Our dear Kate who was visiting for the weekend
And lastly, with these precious friends right before Rachel's wedding!

It was a great movie! I totally recommend seeing it.


Missy said...

I'm with you on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The trailer looks fantastic! I haven't seen Mamma Mia yet but I did see the musical about two years ago. I have seen The Dark Knight numerous times though.

Grace said...

nice pics. i'm inviting you to visit my blog and enjoy. thanks.

lanes said...

Yes! I have heard so much about the Benjamin Button film, I so want to see it too! And I really need to make it over to the theatre to see Mamma Mia.

thekate said...

my pal's bloggin' again!!! oh the joy of it! love the latest writings. write more and always. my, my, how could i resist ya?

Tricia said...

I took my mom to Momma Mia for her birthday, and we both loved it!! The "Dancing Queen" scene basically killed both of us!! Hilarious. When I saw the movie, I realized how great it was for you, Teri, and Rachel to see it together on her wedding week.... so appropriate.

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