17 September 2008

NOTE TO SELF: When having bratwurst, grill the entire package. They make the best leftovers.

Autumn is finally waving it's breeze from around the corner. I have already tried to create an atmosphere that invites the Fall leaves (although they will never come.) and makes me believe things are changing. I have truly tried to embrace the early setting sun and cooler mornings and ignore the 100 F heat and inability to wear anything warmer than a pair of jeans.

I'm not complaining. I truly love the fall in Arizona....when it gets here.

After a recent trip to Kansas, I told John that the real deal isn't that Scottsdale is too big, it's just that I, myself, am a small town girl. That's all there is.

I keep trying to trick myself into thinking Fall is really here. I try to imagine it is in some other places.

So, remembering fresh fall days like this one in Ohio,

And try to enjoy warm days like this one. It IS beautiful just not the Fall I fondly remember.
Though Monsoon season is a blessing...
And thankfully, Prescott is only an hour and a half away,
Oh well, grass is always greener on the other side.
Lord, help me to be content.

Today, John and I woke up late (10:30) and decided to go to Border's for Seattle's Best Coffee, a "Maple Mocha." It was delightful. When I ordered the drink the guy behind the counter responded with, "Oh, you don't want that, it tastes like french toast loaded with syrup." I looked at him and then at John. "Oh, she'll love it then." John quickly responded. I didn't even know what to say to the employee. I mean, truly, come on. The whole point of going to Borders in the first place was for this drink (annnd a coupon that said buy one get one free) so why would I suddenly change my mind because it tasted like French Toast? I happen to LOVE French Toast.....drowning in syrup. It was amazing. But it hardly looked like the picture, ;)

At any rate, I do believe Autumn is my favorite season.

the end.
and i take entirely too long doing this blogging thing. goodness.


lanes said...

Lovely post, dear! Fall is my favorite, too. DUDE! The other day I was driving out to this abandoned house (Wow, if I could only COUNT the number of times I have started a sentence with that!), only now it's been burned down. Anyhow, some of the leaves on a couple of the trees were RED! It was lovely. I'll post pictures soon so you can experience a Kansas Autumn vicariously.

Spiro said...

i love it when you post. and i like that you changed up the look. maybe this means you'll be posting more? i certainly hope so. i need more mel dickerson in my life.

Bridget Beth said...

After all the beautiful leaves are gone I'll be wishing I was somewhere else too. Namely Arizona.

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